Westmorland Hearth Tax Transcripts

These transcripts are taken from volume VI of the British Record Society Hearth Tax Series, Phillips, C., Ferguson, C. & Wareham, A., eds., (2008) Westmorland Hearth Tax (Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society vol. 19). Please cite this volume if using any material from these transcripts.

Previous volumes published in the series have printed an assessment or return as the main document with ancillary documents as appendices. The Westmorland volume, however, publishes four documents. The first is the hearth tax return for Michaelmas 1670 from The National Archives. This gives the names and hearth numbers for a single collection, although it was used to account for the three collections Michaelmas 1669, Lady Day 1670 and Michaelmas 1670. Although compiled for the Michaelmas 1670 collection it was not delivered to Exchequer until the 18th April 1671. The remaining three documents are in the Cumbria Record Office at Kendal.   Manuscript R is from the Fleming Manuscripts, and is a copy of the hearth tax survey for 1674-5, made for Daniel Fleming of Rydal, JP. The final two documents are within Kendal corporation manuscripts collection and are the survey for Kendal and Kirkland 1674-5, and a list of exempt of 1674-5 relating to the borough of Kendal.

Westmorland - Michaelmas 1670 Hearth Tax Return [PDF]

Westmorland - Fleming MS R survey for1674-5 [PDF]

Westmorland - Survey for Kendal and Kirkland 1674-5 [PDF]

Westmorland - Exemptions in Kendal 1675