Whether you are looking to locate a family member as part of personal research into your family tree, have a specific interest in surnames or a more general interest in a particular county, it is likely that the data and analysis provided by Hearth Tax Online will be of some considerable use or interest to you. Firstly, there is the sheer volume of the data; the returns for the West Riding of Yorkshire 1672L, for example, list the names of over 31,000 people. Thus, researchers can identify the names of individuals living in particular places at a particular time. Such information can be used to ascertain or confirm the whereabouts of a particular person or to demonstrate patterns of family mobility. The data also provides an insight into the status and economic position of the individual by recording how many hearths they were liable for, or if they were exempt due to poverty, limited means or other factors.

Where possible, Hearth Tax Online will provide the complete transcript of the manuscript for download as a fully searchable document. However, for rights reasons, this is not always possible and, in those circumstances, a personal name only index to the transcript will be provided instead. This will relate to either a previously published or forthcoming hard-copy volume that can then be consulted to find the full listing for that given individual.